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Pop Up Community

Coming out of the happy hour/mixer last night, we got a great suggestion (thanks Jonny!) to create a place where Project Pop Up: Downtown applicants can bounce ideas off one another, seek collaborators, and anything else that can be of help to your application process.  Please use this as a forum to benefit your Project Pop Up: Downtown idea or ideas!

A friendly note: this forum is intended to create a community or network for you.  If you have specific questions about your application, please reference the RFP and Most Asked Questions pages on the site. If your questions are not covered, email it or them to

PPU:D’s post away!



  1. If anyone needs artists, let me know – I can try to find someone to match your needs.

  2. Hi,

    I will listen to you and draw pictures of your (or visitors to your storefront’s) ideas. You talk, I whiteboard what you are talking using simple pictures and key words. This is useful for all kinds problem solving, and idea clarification. I have a business doing this for companies large and small, as well as nonprofits. I am on the road a lot so I am only available for a day here and there, but I’d be happy to do this as an occasional drop-in idea visualizer.

  3. Hi,

    I’m curious how people have figured out the budget line item for utilities? I haven’t had any luck getting an estimate from them and so far there’s not been information posted on the website.

    Any suggestions for determining the budget cost for utilities?

    • We understand your desire to budget the utility costs. We have sent the property list to the utility companies and we are simply awaiting their response. One thing to note, if you are engaged as a finalist, you will have time in between your RFP submission and your presentation to re-assess your budget, including utility costs.

  4. What’s new?
    How’s it going?
    Any other opportunities soon?

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