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Property updating update

September 6, 2011

We understand your desire for property details.  We desire them, too, and continue to actively seek them out.  We have simply come to comprehend that the property owners or management companies often need to consult their architect or another party to provide accurate information.  As you are finalizing your RFPs, please keep the below sentiment in mind, which can be found in the ‘Most Asked Questions’ section on the website

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to receiving your innovative Project ideas to Pop Up: Downtown!

Property details are still not readily available, how am I to customize my RFP to a location?   We continue to actively seek out accurate property detailsThat relayed, we do not require, nor ask, that you customize your RFP to a specific space.  You are welcome to provide your property preference.  However, it will be your innovative concept that the curatorial committee will be assessing.  If you are selected as a program participant by the committee, the Project Pop Up: Downtown project team will be matching each concept with its best-suited space and you will readily have all property details available to you to prepare your finalist presentation.


Just a quick note to relay we are actively seeking out property details, we will be posting them on the ‘Property List – subject to change’ page as we get them this week, and we encourage you to check the website daily for updates.

Also, a quick reminder that we absolutely welcome your property preference(s). However, it truly will be your innovative concept that the curatorial committee will be reviewing.  Then the project team will determine which property best suits each finalist’s proposed activation.

Thanks for your patience and happy RFPing!


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