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And we hope you join us on Friday, March 30th, for our Project Pop Up: Downtown event!


Soft Launchers for Light Up Night announced

If you are interested in learning a bit about the Project Pop Up: Downtown program participants who will be activated for Light Up Night, please have a look at the redirected site here:

Many thanks again to all of you who submitted applications for Project Pop Up: Downtown!  We will keep you posted on the upcoming official launch and the upcoming PPU:D crawl in the new year!

Thank you again – notifications sent

A quick post to thank everyone again for your interest in Project Pop Up: Downtown.  We understand how much time and effort goes into submitting an RFP and the curatorial committee was really enthusiastic about many of your ideas – if only we could have selected more than 15 finalists!  The 15 finalists were notified yesterday and those that were not selected as a finalist were notified, too.  Keep an eye on the website for program participants to be announced in late October.  And, as we mentioned from launch, with the success of the Project Pop Up: Downtown pilot program, keep an eye out for other Project Pop Up Pittsburgh RFPs in the future!

The Project Pop Up: Downtown Team

Finalist notification – Monday, 9/26

Hello applicants! A quick post to relay that the fantastic curatorial committee met yesterday to go over the many proposals. After 5.5 straight hours of meeting (seriously, no breaks!), we decided it best for all involved to get a good night’s sleep. We will be determining the finalists on Friday and Project Pop Up: Downtown finalists (and alternates) will be notified via email on Monday afternoon, 9/26.

Many thanks for your patience and understanding. We are very enthusiastic to determine the finalists. We just want to make sure the selection process is done when the committee is refreshed. To that note, if any of you have read recent articles on ‘decision fatigue’ the minimal delay is of benefit to the selection process!

The deadline has passed – thank you for your RFPs!

The deadline for Project Pop Up: Downtown proposals has passed.  Thanks to everyone for your interest and many thanks to those who put forth proposals.  We are excited about the incredible response!  With the success of this Project Pop Up Pittsburgh launch initiative, we hope to issue future request for proposals.  Keep an eye on the website for news about Project Pop Up: Downtown program participants and future developments!

The Project Pop Up Pittsburgh team

RFP deadline tomorrow, 9/13!

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the Project Pop Up: Downtown deadline.  Yep, tomorrow, Tuesday, September 13, 2011, is the official deadline (and, nope, we are not able to extend it for any applicants).

If you plan to drop your proposal off in person at the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership office, you must do so by 5:00PM EST Tuesday.  If you are USPS’ing, Fed Ex’ing, UPS’ing, or any other mailing option, the proposal MUST BE postmarked September 13 or earlier.  (Yes, we will accept proposals postmarked on Tuesday, September 13!)  However, we will not accept any proposals dropped off or postmarked after Tuesday, September 13.

We look forward to receiving your innovative ideas for Project Pop Up: Downtown activation!

Property updating update

We understand your desire for property details.  We desire them, too, and continue to actively seek them out.  We have simply come to comprehend that the property owners or management companies often need to consult their architect or another party to provide accurate information.  As you are finalizing your RFPs, please keep the below sentiment in mind, which can be found in the ‘Most Asked Questions’ section on the website

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to receiving your innovative Project ideas to Pop Up: Downtown!

Property details are still not readily available, how am I to customize my RFP to a location?   We continue to actively seek out accurate property detailsThat relayed, we do not require, nor ask, that you customize your RFP to a specific space.  You are welcome to provide your property preference.  However, it will be your innovative concept that the curatorial committee will be assessing.  If you are selected as a program participant by the committee, the Project Pop Up: Downtown project team will be matching each concept with its best-suited space and you will readily have all property details available to you to prepare your finalist presentation.


Just a quick note to relay we are actively seeking out property details, we will be posting them on the ‘Property List – subject to change’ page as we get them this week, and we encourage you to check the website daily for updates.

Also, a quick reminder that we absolutely welcome your property preference(s). However, it truly will be your innovative concept that the curatorial committee will be reviewing.  Then the project team will determine which property best suits each finalist’s proposed activation.

Thanks for your patience and happy RFPing!